Our Safe Lock Picks

  • Mauer President 71111 / 71113 Safe Locks

  • Mauer Variator & Praetor 70076 / 70079 / 70087 / 70091 Safe Locks

  • Mauer Centurio 74041 / 74043 / 74046 / 74047 Safe Locks

  • Cawi / Wittkopp 2618 / 2648 / 1819 /1821 Safe Locks

  • AGA 246 / 247 Safe Locks

  • STUV 4.19.92 Safe Lock

We have been opening safes, vaults and strongrooms for over 25 years. During that time we've become pretty good at non destructive opening techniques using the latest safe & vault opening equipment and tools including safe lock picks, endoscopes, video scopes etc.

Because we made a lot of our own tools, we would be asked to make safe lock picks for other Locksmiths and Safe Engineers so we started making lock picks.

December 2019: we have now decided to stop opening safes and vault as our main business and are putting our efforts into the safe lock pick side of our company. We will only supply lock picks to Locksmiths, Safe Engineers and some goverment departments.

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Hello, my name is Jason and I run Key Elements Safe Crackers.

When I was young, I was interested in Escapology and was picking locks open from the age of eight. When I left school I had the opportunity to work for a locksmith and safe engineering company in London. I have been opening safes, vaults and strongrooms for over 20 years now. I use advanced tools to open locked safes, vaults and strongrooms and I also make a lot of my own tools for picking safe locks as they simply don't exist. This gives me the edge in being able to provide a non-destructive opening service. I'm always carrying out my own research and design on the best methods of opening and bypassing safes and vaults.

I have opened safes and vaults all over the world, for presidents, governments, embassies, celebrities, home owners, business owners, jewellers, palaces, factories, banks, disused properties, cruise ships, airports, travel networks, historic buildings, museums, film sets, on behalf of other safe engineers and locksmiths and many others.

All I do is work on safes, vaults & strongrooms all day long - opening, servicing, retrofitting locks and programming electronic safe locks.

In 2015 we moved from Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire to Colchester in Essex and offer a safe and vault opening service in Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Cambrigeshire, Colchester, Chelmsford, Braintree, Ipswitch, Southend on Sea, Bury St Edmunds and the rest of the UK and Europe.

We have travelled all over the world to open locked safes and vaults - Spain, Malta, Netherlands, Jersey, France, and even Australia!

Please look through my site. All the photos are of real safes that I have worked on.

Jason Jones, safe cracker, Key Elements Locksmiths safe opening
DBS checked (formerly CRB)
SAVTA - Safe and Vault Technicians Association


Key Elements
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