Chubb Safes

We open all models of Chubb Safes. Lockouts on these types of safes can be caused by a lack of maintenance, lost keys, forgotten and or unknown combinations, etc.

We use the most advanced methods for opening safes and vaults such as safe lock picks and decoders. We also deploy many closely guarded trade secrets in the process and even design and make our own tools for use when required.

Chubb Safes have been making safes and lock since 1818 that is almost 200 years! Therefore its not uncommon for a Chubb safe to have had a lock changed at some point during its life and so they could be found with other brands of safe locks fitted. and even electronic locks.

Over that time there have been hundreds of safes and vaults made by Chubb, heres a list of the Safes, Vaults and Strongrooms we provide services for -

  • Chubb TDR Safe (Torch and Resistant)
  • Chubb EDR Safe (Explosive and Drill Resistant)
  • Chubb ABP Safe (Anti Blow Pipe) Chubb Bankers Safe
  • Chubb Blackbox Safe
  • Chubb Book Quality Safe
  • Chubb Castelle Safe
  • Chubb Clasic Safe
  • Chubb Cobra Safe
  • Chubb Elite Safe
  • Chubb Coffer Safe
  • Chubb Commerce Safe
  • Chubb Eurosafe Safe,
  • Chubb Conqueror Safe
  • Chubb Domestic Safe
  • Chubb Diamond Safe
  • Chubb Duoguard Safe
  • Chubb Duplex Major Safe
  • Chubb Duplex Minor Safe
  • Chubb Europa Safe
  • Chubb Europlanet Safe
  • Chubb Financier Safe
  • Chubb Heritage Safe
  • Chubb JewelSafe
  • Chubb Leamington Safe
  • Chubb Lichfield Safe
  • Chubb Milk Safe
  • Chubb Milner Safe
  • Chubb Planet Safe
  • Chubb Monarch Safe
  • Chubb Office Quality Safe
  • Chubb ProGuard Safe
  • Chubb Renown Safe
  • Chubb Resolute Safe
  • Chubb Senator Safe
  • Chubb Sovereign Safe
  • Chubb Stafford Safe
  • Chubb Standard Safe
  • Chubb Totfield Safe
  • Chubb Treasury Safe
  • Chubb Trident Safe
  • Chubb Vanguard Safe
  • Chubb Viper Safe
  • Chubb Warwick Safe
  • Chubb Wulfrun Safe
  • Chubb Floor Safe
  • Chubb Force Guard Safe
  • Chubb Horse Guard Safe
  • Chubb Wall Safe
  • Chubb Earth Safe
  • Chubb Fire Safe
  • Chubb Water Safe
  • Chubb Eliments Safe
  • Chubb Treasury Vault
  • Chubb AA Vault
  • Chubb Door Vault
  • Chubb TDR Vault
  • Chubb AL Vault
  • Chubb Bookroom
  • Chubb Vault
  • Chubb Strongroom
  • Chubb Cennox
  • Chubb DEV
  • Chubb Ellox
  • Chubb Secureroom
  • Chubb Standard Vault

Chubb Safes Photos

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Jason Jones of Key Elements breaking in to a Chubb safe

First thing to remember is a safe or vault is designed to be drill proof, explosive proof, thermal cutting proof, grinder proof and any other way that has been employed in trying to open a safe. They have additional devices that will get set off if drilling by an amateur or an inexperienced Locksmith, inexperienced Safe Engineer or a burglar.

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Chubb safe, vault and strongroom openings:

Chubb TDR with lost keys

Opened Chubb TDR Lock with Handmade Picks

By Jason Jones | September 11, 2023

Chubb TDR with lost keys where both locks were picked open with our hand made picks, and both locks were rekeyed.

Chubb TDR 3rd strength with digital lock

Safe Cracker Defeats Chubb TDR 3rd Strength Safe’s Digital Lock

By Jason Jones | August 22, 2023

Chubb TDR 3rd strength with digital lock that had to be defeated, a key was present so no need to pick that this time. It took about 1 hour 25mins to put a hole in the high grade safe

Locked Out of a Chubb Centurion Strongroom

By Jason Jones | January 2, 2019

This Leicher strongroom also rebranded as Chubb Centurion door / Strongroom had a failed digital safe lock on it that was no longer working, and after another safe engineer had been out to look at it said that it would need to be drilled open, I got this task I tried to get the lock…

Chubb safe opened by Key Elements

Chubb Vault Strongroom Door

By Jason Jones | June 13, 2015

The customer to this Chubb vault had lost the keys to one of the locks in North London, The customer was given our details by another Safe cracker as they were unable to open this strongroom door, we went to site and picked this vault door open and replaced the lock with two new keys…