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We Specialise in opening Locked Safes, Vaults and Strongrooms. This can be because of lost safe keys, lost safe combination or code, or it just wont open causing a lockout.

We are based in Colchester in Essex, Our Main areas are Essex, Suffolk, We can travel further accross the UK and to Europe to open Medium to High Security locked Safe, Vaults and Strongrooms if cost effective to you!

At Key Elements Safe Crackers we use the latest Safe & Vault opening equipment and tools including safe lock picks. Endoscopes, Video scopes ect...

Where possible we use Non Destructive opening techniques such as picking safe locks and manipulating combination locks where possible, We can also use force opening methods such as drilling precise holes in anti drill barrier materials in safes and vaults and repairing.


Our Services include

  • Opening safes, vaults & strongrooms causing a lockout
  • Picking locks on safes, vaults & strongrooms
  • Opening mechanical combination locks on safe, vaults & strongrooms
  • Opening electronic locks on safe, vaults and strongrooms
  • Drilling safes, vaults and strongrooms
  • Fault finding on lockouts on safes, vaults and strongrooms
  • Servicing safe, vaults and strongrooms and locks
  • Changing combinations on manual combination locks
  • Changing combination of electronic safe locks
  • Making keys for safes, vaults and strongrooms
  • Machining spare parts for safes, vaults and strongrooms
  • Fitting locks on safes vaults and strongrooms
  • Fitting time locks

Popular Brands of Safes that we can open

Antique Iron Safes, AM&J. ABCAM, ACE, Adamant, Anglo,ASEC, Bentley, Birmingham, Biron, Britannia, BTV, Burg Wachter, Burton, Bowden, Centurian, Chatwood, Chatwood Milner, Chubb, Churchill, COX, Credo, Dominator, Dudley, Eagle, Epic, Euro Fox, Ex Ministry, Ferrimax, Fichet, Fichet Bauche, Format, John Tann, GB Security, Godrej, Griffiths, Guardian, Hadak, Halesfield, Hamber, Hipkin, Hobbs, Hobbs Hart, ISM, Independant, Insafe, Joli, Juwel, Kardex, KASO, Lampertz, Leabank, Leigh, Levy, Locke, Lockmaster, London Lock & Safe, Lord, M Locks, Martens, Milner, Muller, Peake, Perry, Phoenix, Primat, Prosafe, Radway, Ratner, Robur, Rosengrens, Rosengrens Tann, Rottner, Rusper, SLS, SMP, Safe International, Secureline, Securikey, Stacke, Stockinger, Stratford, Stripfield, Summit, TSM, Tann, Terry, Thorne, Tower, Wertheim, Withy Grove, Zugil

Safe & Vault Opening service

Vault and Strongroom opening service. Bankers Engineers

Popular Strongrooms, Vaults & Bookrooms that we open

Aegis, Burton, Chatwood, Chatwood Milner, Euro Fox, Ferrimax, Fichet, Fichet Bauche, John Tann, Hobbs, Hobbs Hart, ISM, KASO, Martens, National, Ratner, Robur, Rosengrens, Rosengrens Tann, Rotter, SLS, Stacke, Tann, Wertheim

SAVTA - Safe and Vault Technicians Association
DBS checked (formerly CRB)
Safe being cracked by Jason Jones, Key Elements
Safe Opening Service, Safe Cracker, Safe Engineer, Safe Technician

All the photos on this site are of real Safes, Vaults and strongrooms that we have worked on.

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