We open all models of Milners Safes. Lockouts on these types of Safes can be caused by a lack of maintenance, lost keys, forgotten and or unknown combinations, etc. We use the most advanced methods for opening safes and vaults such as safe lock picks and decoders. We also deploy many closely guarded trade secrets in the process and even design and make our own tools for use when required.

It is not uncommon for a Milners safe to have had a lock changed at some point during its life and so they could be found with other brands of safe locks fitted and even electronic safe locks.

Milner safes we provide services for -

  • Milner 212 Safe (Fire and Thief Resisting)
  • Milner A, B, C, D Series Safe
  • Milner Bankers Safe
  • Milner Branch Bank Safe
  • Milner British Army Safe
  • Milner Class E Safe
  • Milner Diamond Safe
  • Milner Document Safe
  • Milner Double Shell Safe
  • Milner Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Safe
  • Milner List 1 Safe
  • Milner List 2 Quality Safe
  • Milner List 2 Square Body Safe
  • Milner List 3 - 4 Corner Safe
  • Milner List 3 Round Bolts Safe
  • Milner List 4 Round Bolts Safe
  • List 5 Safe, Milner List 6 Safe
  • Milner List 7 Safe
  • Milner List H Safe


Milner Safe Photos

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First thing to remember is a safe or vault is designed to be drill proof, explosive proof, thermal cutting proof, grinder proof and any other way that has been employed in trying to open a safe. They have additional devices that will get set off if drilling by an amateur or an inexperienced Locksmith, inexperienced Safe Engineer or a burglar.

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Milner safe, vault and strongroom openings:

Jason Jones inside opened chatwood milner vault

A Locked Chatwood Milner Vault

By Jason Jones | March 26, 2017

Got a call to open another locked Chatwood Milner strongroom. It also had the much smaller deposit / escape hatch door (as seen in the photo) that we also opened. We provide a safe and vault opening and lock and combination change and recovery service though out the UK – no matter the size, we…

Milners strongroom opened by Jason Jones, Key Elements

Locked out on a Milners Strongroom

By Jason Jones | March 18, 2017

Got a call to open this old Milners high security strongroom Vault Door, It had been locked for about ten years as far as the customer was aware. They told me at some point during this time they had various safe crackers and experts out to look at opening it but none had wanted to…

Old milners safe discovered in Paris opened by Jason Jones, Key Elements

Paris France cant open my safe

By Jason Jones | February 1, 2016

I got a call from a customer in Paris France who was renovating a Mansion and had discoverd an old Milners safe and asked if it would be possible for me to travel to Paris to open it ? I am based in Colchester in Essex UK and every now and then i travel to…