Paris France cant open my safe

Old milners safe discovered in Paris opened by Jason Jones, Key Elements

I got a call from a customer in Paris France who was renovating a Mansion and had discoverd an old Milners safe and asked if it would be possible for me to travel to Paris to open it ?

I am based in Colchester in Essex UK and every now and then i travel to the Europe or further to open safes and vaults. I asked the customer to send me a photo of the safe so i can see what Milners safe it is!

On receiving the photo it looked like the handle was in the open position or had been forced i Called Paris and spoke to the customer, i asked if there was anymovement in the handle and there was also if there was in and out play on the door and there was none, this told me that the safe was open but the door was stuck, in the photo the paint had been removed on the safe but the door was painted shut i told them how to pull the safe open and to let me know how they get on.

a short time later i got a call thanking me as they managed to get the safe open and there was a key inside, i told them to clean the door up and it will work fine.

So no need to go to Paris France to open this safe


if you need a safe or vault opened in the UK or Europeplease contact us

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