2ft Tann pick

Tann 2ft safe lock pick

I always make picks for other people and so I don’t get around to making some of my own bits, this is another 2ft Tann pick so now I can pick multiple locks on a Tann Strongroom door!

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Locked out of a Tann Bankers Safe in London

Tann bankers safe opened in London by Jason Jones, Key Elements

This safe was locked out on the combination lock and the key lock, We opened this safe up and the customer in London wanted it removed as well so it will soon be taken out via the moving gang This Tann safe was in London but we also cover areas such as Hertfordshire Essex Kent…

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Tann Vault Strongroom Door with lost keys

Tann vault strongroom door opened by Jason Jones of Key Elements

Panic !! Got a call from another Safe engineer who had a customer with a Tann Vault door but the keys had been lost and they needed this vault opened as they could not operate. The Main areas we cover to open Safes and Vaults including Chatwood Safes and Vaults are: London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire,…

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Tann Safe with No Keys

Tann safe with no keys opened by Key Elements

We got an urgent call late in the day from a customer who had a break in and had a Tann safe but the keys had been stolen and they had no spares to see if the contents had been stolen from the safe or if it was still inside. A lock out ! We…

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