Locked out on a Milners Strongroom

Milners strongroom opened by Jason Jones, Key Elements

Got a call to open this old Milners high security strongroom Vault Door, It had been locked for about ten years as far as the customer was aware. They told me at some point during this time they had various safe crackers and experts out to look at opening it but none had wanted to…

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Fichet safe lost key

Fichet safe opening in London by Jason Jones, Key Elements

I got asked to open this safe for another Safe Engineer, this was located in their warehouse and it had a broken 7 number Fichet combination lock and a high security Fichet key operated lock. We picked open the Fichet key lock with lost keys and as the combination had been attempted by force, it…

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Chatwood safe opening in Historic Building

Chatwood safe opening in historic building

I got asked to open this Chatwood safe in a Historic building of national importance behind a grade 1 listed oak panel, The keys had been lost decades ago, we opened the safe and made new keys onsite and added to th elong history of the building and organisation. This is one of the things…

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ISM safe with lost keys

ISM safe lost keys opened by Jason Jones, Key Elements

Israel Safe Manufacturing (ISM) this Treasury safe was locked out with lost keys, we opened the high security lock on this very well made high security safe and put back in service. We open safes in London, Essex, Hertfordshire and other parts of the UK & Europe

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SMP Community Safe Lost Keys

SMP safe in process of safe cracking

We had to open this SMP Community safe with two safe locks and both sets of keys had been lost, We picked open both safe locks and replaced both lock providing new keys. We provide a safe and vault opening service in London, Essex, Hertfordshire and other parts of the UK & Europe

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Stratford SX Safe lost keys

Stratford SX safe opening

We got a call from a theater in London who had this Stratford SX safe that the keys had been lost causing a lockout and none of the Actors / extras could be paid, this was in the centre of Londons Westend, we traveled to site and picked open the high security safe lock and…

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Lost Safe Keys

Another successful vault opening by Jason Jones

I got a call from a customer in Kent who had a ARFE high security safe (Grade 5) that he had lost the keys/ had them stolen when he was in europe, (Belgium),  He explained the story so far There was a label on the safe from the safe company that supplied it and it said…

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Tann Vault Strongroom Door with lost keys

Tann vault strongroom door opened by Jason Jones of Key Elements

Panic !! Got a call from another Safe engineer who had a customer with a Tann Vault door but the keys had been lost and they needed this vault opened as they could not operate. The Main areas we cover to open Safes and Vaults including Chatwood Safes and Vaults are: London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire,…

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