Fichet safe lost key

Fichet safe opening in London by Jason Jones, Key Elements

I got asked to open this safe for another Safe Engineer, this was located in their warehouse and it had a broken 7 number Fichet combination lock and a high security Fichet key operated lock. We picked open the Fichet key lock with lost keys and as the combination had been attempted by force, it…

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Fichet Bauche Safe Lock Pick

One of the Picks that we have is for the Fichet Bauche Monopole safe lock, There are not a lot of Safe Engineers / Safe Crackers out there that can pick these locks open, At Key Elements we have the pick and the skill to use it to open these older Fichet Bauche Monopole safe…

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Locked out of a Fichet Safe

Fichet safe opening and combination reset

This Fichet safe had two high security safe locks one key lock and one combination, the combination on this safe had been lost, we opened the Fichet combination lock and set a new combination inside the lock.

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