Stratford Safe locked out London

Stratford safe opening in London by Jason Jones, Key Elements

One of the recent safes that we opened in London was the Ratner Trustee safe / Stratford Consul safe.

The customer had the keys but they told me that the lock was floating around inside the safe,  and they can get the key in band it turns but it would not open.

On receiving a photo i could see the model of the safe and had an idea that an extra device had been set off in the safe locking it up incase of an attack

These safes have a glass plate that the lock is mounted to and if it get broken by an attack then it will lock the safe up, because the lock had come loose it would have let go of at least one of these extra devices.

I have good knowlage of this safe and so knew where and how to drill a hole and defeate the device(s)

Once the safe was opened it was repaired and put back to full working order

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