Locked Out of a Chubb Centurion Strongroom

Locked out of a Strongroom

This Leicher strongroom also rebranded as Chubb Centurion door / Strongroom had a failed digital safe lock on it that was no longer working, and after another safe engineer had been out to look at it said that it would need to be drilled open, I got this task I tried to get the lock to work but it was clear that it needed to be drilled. This was a Job for another safe company and I had informed them that there was no easy way to open the door without having to deal with all of the anti burglar devices inside this Chubb Centurion door. They said they would deal with the repair or replacement door. This one got opened and the door was repaired by the company that i did the job for. This is a very well made strongroom door and has a lot going on inside it. But it was a nice feeling when the door opened. If you need a safe or vault opened please contact us for a quote.

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